Dehydrate all the things!

Dehydrate all the things!

photo of Banana Chips on a dehydrator tray.

I was nearly starving last week when we hit up the local farmer’s market first thing on Saturday morning.  A sample of the jerky from Bluescreek Farm Meats was beyond delicious, but no substitute for a full breakfast.

So I picked up a small bag of banana chips from one of the vendors to snack on.  They were very tasty, and I asked how she had made them.

“Just dehydrated bananas” she said. Figures!  (The commercially available ones usually have other stuff in them).

So of course, the little DIY Devil that sits on my shoulder whispered his common refrain in my ear once again…

“You could make that…”

So later during a grocery run I picked up some clearance bananas (I like them ripe anyways), set up the dehydrator, and got to it. They did take longer than I thought they would to get fully dry (an issue I’ve also had while making apple chips), but they turned out great.

They were a hit here at home, and also at the office (a lot of the people I work with at my new job are strictly paleo, so it’s been tough to find snacky things the entire group can partake in and enjoy.

I tried making some some beef jerky as well, but I way over-dried it and it turned out super tough.  I’m going to try using the oven next round on that one.

I’m already on my second batch of banana chips, and will be trying plantains and daikon radish soon…

Dehydrate All the Things!

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